Workplace Wellness

Healthy Employees Make Better Employees

Why bring a Workplace Wellness Program to your company?  Because healthy employees make better employees, which helps create a more positive workplace for everyone.

Awareness is the key to living in the moment and making better choices.  Our goal is to create awareness.  After twenty plus years in a high-stress, fast-paced corporate environment, it is obvious that we need tools and simple techniques which we can use throughout our day, every day, to help navigate the pressure and stress inherent in our modern day work life.

A small shift can make a big difference!  In our program, we outline and cover three simple concepts: meditation, mindfulness and yoga.  Each area is condensed to their essential principals which make them easy to use daily, at any time.  The more you incorporate these principals throughout your day, the more they become a natural state of being.


             Health Day at Entergy, Plymouth MA

The workshop is an hour long powerpoint presentation which incorporates practical application of the principals learned. It covers the following topics:  

-Awareness and Stress Management
-Breathing Techniques and Meditation
-The Practice of Mindfulness
-Proper Posture and Alignment
-Repetitive Stress Patterns and The Importance of Stretching


From Denise Lamoureux, Site Wellness Coordinator at Pilgrim Station, Entergy, Plymouth MA:
Our employees really enjoyed your Workplace Wellness Program.  They appreciated you offering two sessions; a morning session and an afternoon session to accommodate their busy work schedules. As the Site Wellness Coordinator at Pilgrim Station, I take the time to get employee feedback.  Here are just a few of the comments I received:
“I loved Grace’s workshop and I learned a lot”,  “Grace’s workshop was very informative, fun and interactive”,  “I really liked Grace’s handouts that she gave us at the end of the workshop”, “Grace was very knowledgeable and professional”.
You will be happy to know that many of us have your Yoga-At-Your Workstation: Sitting & Standing Sequences handouts tacked to our cubicle walls and actually take the time to do them.  I would highly recommend your Workplace Wellness Program to other companies who care about their employees.  Thanks again.


From Debra Hughes, Accounting Coordinator at Global Data Systems, Pembroke MA:
“I found that Workplace Wellness gave me the tools to live my best.  I learned to breathe my way to a clear mind and approach each day without judgement.  The gentle stretching while in my office doing my job has really helped increase my energy.  Thank you Grace!”