A State of Perfect Happiness

I was introduced to SUP Yoga almost ten years ago. I’d always wanted to learn to surf and the SUP board seemed like a calmer introduction to working with a board. I was immediately hooked. We bought our first board five years ago and we haven’t looked back. Since then I have been practicing yoga and different types of fitness exercises on the board.

There’s nothing like cursing on the lake on a warm summer day, with the calm, cool beauty of the lake. I like to play with various yoga poses. Some work really well, while others I think should be easy, are surprisingly hard. I love a good challenge. It’s so inspiring.

There are so many poses that are so cool on the board. You get all kinds of amazing perspectives. And let’s not forget the transitions! Moving from one pose to another can be challenging too, especially standing poses. You have to move S L O W and really focus.

The whole time you can feel your core engaged as your body continuously finds the right balance. It’s so fluid. After an exploratory flow, I like to experiment with core strengthening exercises.  If I need to cool down, I’ll scoop up palms full of water and throw it on me, or jump in for a quick dip.

The best part is savasana. I paddle my way to the center of the lake, get into corpse pose, close my eyes, let go and JUST FLOAT. I allow myself to go with the flow, holding on to nothing (no thing). I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin while listening to the sounds of nature as I gently float along. It is pure nirvana-a state of perfect happiness.

What’s your summer nirvana?  I’d love to know…