Be Inspired Fall Retreat Review 2019

It’s hard to plan a retreat, a lot of work goes into it, and there are no guarantees of the outcome. I really wanted our first retreat to be a real retreat. For me, a real retreat includes learning, growth, healing, inspiration and a sense of community. I was pleased that this retreat had everything I had hoped for, and more. I am still on a natural high from the experience. 

I call that being inspired. 

There were people who got to spend time with people they usually see but don’t know, and discovered how wonderful they were. We met new people who were brave enough to join a group they didn’t know and shared their stories with us. Then there were the owners Katie and Declan, who opened their home and made everyone feel welcome. 

The meals were beautifully presented and made with lots of care and love. Beets that were roasted for three hours, carrot-ginger soup and fresh baked apple tart with pumpkin ice cream from the local creamery. There was a vegan banana bread, and curry roasted potatoes, made with spices brought from India. For breakfast there were homemade blueberry scones, veggie omelets and always fresh fruit. The food nurtured our body and soothed our soul.

Our Saturday afternoon trip to West Rattlesnake blew us away. It was an unbelievable fall day-it couldn’t have been any nicer. When we got to the top, we were all speechless. The view of Squam Lake was stunning. We all sat quietly for twenty minutes, in a mindful meditation, just taking it all in. 

The Being True presentation went well. It was a serious topic, however there was a lot of laughter to heal the soul and remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. It was based on my journey, which I have been wanting to share, to help others see life from a different perspective. I was overwhelmed when one of the youngest attendees, a collage student, told me afterwards that it was so inspiring, and she wished a few of her girlfriends had been there to have heard it! It made all the hard work worthwhile.

There were a few bonuses like the fun Conscious Ink tattoos in the journals I gave everyone.  These temporary tattoos with inspirational messages, had everyone talking. The surprise “intention” in our welcome packets was thought provoking, and the beautiful campfire on Saturday night brought closer together.  The owners joined us at the fireside, and we all sat around sharing stories, and listening. Declan said, “ the summers are measured by how many campfires you sit around”. This will be my goal next summer. The night sky had the most stars I have every seen in the dark sky. It was truly magical. 

The silent walk on Sunday morning was spectacular. It seemed like the fog had dropped low, slightly  hovering above the grassy meadows all around us, while the sun shined brightly glistening through the trees. Not a word was spoken, so you could take it all in. It was a “mindful” walk.  

The yoga classes were diverse and beautiful. Katie taught her Ayurveda Dosha Flow class and ended savasna with a beautiful song, that she sang to us, using her harmonium. We experienced a little heaven in this sacred barn studio. We held our Saturday afternoon class outside in front of the barn. It was the perfect day for outdoor yoga and Sunday’s Yoga & Mudras flow, allowing us to bring these ancient hand gestures to our practice with inspirational mantra to deepen our self-awareness and spiritual connection.  

Best of all, were all the hugs I received! Hugs are the best connectors of people. You can feel their energy, their love and their beauty. I simply love hugs more than anything. I received many meaningful hugs that weekend.

Thank you all for your gratitude. All the hard work was worth it!  So much so, that we’re doing it again! If you are interested put it on your calendar.

Our next retreat will be at the same place, Dragonfly Yoga Barn Studio & Retreats, on September 18 to 20, 2020. Full details will be posted in January 2020. Join us!