Music Expresses That Which Cannot Be Said

I cannot imagine my life without music-not even for a second. As Nietzsche has said,  “without music, life would be a mistake.”   Music lit up my life in dark times-it inspired me to keeping moving through struggle, it encouraged me to believe in myself, and often, it renewed my faith in life.  There is no limit to the power of music,  One song can unite a whole world as well as change one person’s life.
I often say that dance and music saved my life while yoga healed it.  When I hear a song that moves me, I experience the lyrics, the rhythm, the composition, the beats and the energy.   I also connect with the artist’s mood, their courage, passion, and the conviction in their souls.  There is a lot of music that is manufactured, and there is a place for that.  However, more music is developed and performed from the heart-it becomes a heart to heart connection.
As a little girl, I I would spend hours listening to music on my grandmother’s cabinet Victrola record player. I loved that thing!  I would lose myself in the emotion of the songs, the rhythm of the beat and the story of the lyrics. My imagination would soar through unchartered inner terrain.  As I got older, life became more topsy-turvy and unpredictable with 100 shades of crazy.  Music helped me.  Not only did it help me make sense of it all, but it also helped to illuminate where I stood in all the chaos.
Many times songs expressed feelings I didn’t know how to verbalize.  I started doing what I refer to as “dance therapy” where you disconnect from “thinking” and use music to express a myriad of feelings and emotions.  The depth of exploration ran the gamut from exuberance to melancholy.  None of this would be possible without music.
So, when you need inspiration, motivation, illumination, joy or even a campaign in grief, music will NEVER disappoint you.