About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To help make the world a better place by providing inspirational instruction and education, motivating individuals to be healthy and fit in mind, body & spirit. 

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Logo: The Gratitude Lotus

“In darkness I emerge, To light I rise, With gratitude in stride.”  -Grace  Junek
Our logo is the combination of two significant symbols;  the lotus flower and the universal symbol for gratitude.  It is a metaphor for the Journey of Life.  The lotus flower reminds us of the path traveled from darkness into light, eventually blooming and gracing the world with its beauty.  However, it is not complete without the practice of gratitude -gratitude for all of the incredible lessons that helped it become enlightened along the way.
The Gratitude Lotus inspires us to stay the course and never give up on our journey to let our light shine. It is living to our fullest potential that we best serve the world.

About Be Inspired:

We are not a studio. Instead all of our classes and programs are given at various places in the south shore area of MA.  All of our programs are created and taught by Grace Marie Junek, the owner of Be Inspired.
There a four areas we focus on: Group Classes in Yoga and Dance, Personal Sessions, Workshops and our Workplace Wellness programs.
Group Classes: our goal is to inspire people to be their best self regardless of their level of skill level.  We believe yoga is the poetry of the body and dance is the hidden language of the soul. The benefits of both these practices go beyond the physical.  They positively change and affect body, mind and spirit in countless ways. We strive to bring our personal best to each class, hoping to inspire the best in others.
Workshops: We conduct many types of workshops. Some are designed to educate and enrich people’s lives through accurate, in-depth information on a particular subject, while others are about creating unique experiences that keep the body fit and the spirit inspired. We like to create opportunities for people to practice and deepen their commitment to overall health and self-growth. 
Workplace Wellness Program: We are developing and bringing our expertise to corporate America with our Workplace Wellness Programs.  We believe  healthy employees help create a more positive environment in the workplace. Our goal is to create awareness and understanding by educating and demonstrating simple, effective techniques people can use to help improve the quality of their daily work day.  The program combines essential principals from yoga, meditation and the practice of mindfulness, in order to stay centered in fast paced, high-stress environments. We believe a small shift in perspective can make a big difference.
In addition, we have an online shop with fun  products and accessories to  keep you inspired. We also post a monthly blog posted on the first of each month.  It covers a wide range of topics will cover a wide range of topics related to mind, body and spirit. 

About Grace Marie Junek:  Yogi, Dancer, Artist & Teacher

Grace was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ.  As a first-generation American, she grew up speaking three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) often in the same sentence. Her family migrated from Portugal & Brazil.  During high school, she attended cosmetology school and was a licensed beautician by the time she graduated.  However, she decided to continue her education and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for four years. She had a successful career as a designer for twenty plus years and traveled extensively.  
She has been dancing since she was a youngster, never formally trained, instead with the community she was raised in.  She didn’t start practicing yoga until her late twenties and fell in love with both the physical and spiritual sides of yoga.  After having her family (three kids & a dog),  she was looking for a more flexible career (no pun intended). She  decided to turn my lifelong passions of yoga and dance into my life’s work.   
She has been successfully teaching group classes, workshops and personal sessions. In addition, she has brought her Workplace Wellness Program to several companies. Her fitness education includes Zumba, Pilates Mat, Pound Fitness and a 200hr Transformational Yoga certification. She is currently working on her 300hr advanced yoga teacher training, in order to get her 500hr certification.