Embracing Wellness!

When I look back at all the professions I have been in, there is one common thread: helping people feel good about themselves.

It started with my cosmetology license, continued with a degree in fashion design and then fitness and yoga. It started with the exterior (appearance) and gradually made its way inward (spiritual). I realize it reflects most people’s journey of discovery.

My journey has spanned thirty-five years, and as its unfolded, one thing is clear: mind, body and spirit are integrally connected. You can be fit as a pro, dressed in the lasts garb, and coiffed to the nines, if your inner state is not well…you are not well.

Thich Nhat Hanh tells this parable: “…a man sees a man on a horse rushing by, riding hurriedly. He asks where are you going? The man answers, I don’t know ask the horse!” I’ve spent the better part of my life on that horse and I am not alone.  Many of us hurry through life mindlessly, not exactly sure why or where we are going or what our purpose is.

The mind-body-spirit triangle creates a guide we can use for overall health and well-being. Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. It’s simple and yet there are many areas that are essential in creating this balanced wholeness, as illustrated in the seven dimensions of wellness wheel.

Soon our name company name will change from Be Inspired Fitness and Yoga to Be Inspired Wellness and Yoga. After completing my advanced training program, having an integrated approach our my classes, workshops, retreats, and personal sessions is important.  It is the only approach that will create whole-person wellness and personal balance.

Suddenly helping people feel good about themselves takes on a whole new meaning!

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