A Gift from Adversity

For the last few years I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of hatred in our culture and in our country. Ever since the last election, it has been them against us. The hostility has been real, regardless of the side you’re on.

Personally, the intensity has been stifling. Even laypeople will start discussions with great disdain, and the division between us has been palpable. I have often wondered “something has to give”. How much longer can we live under this duress…enter Covid-19.

I am not grateful for this virus, even though my family and I are safe, I am aware that there are many fighting for their life and many fighting to save lives. Families are being torn apart and the situation is no joke. There is great suffering going on.

Nevertheless, this virus has awoken the sleepy giant of compassion, and for that I am grateful.

My husband and I watched the One World: Together at Home concert last month. It was viewed by more than 20 million worldwide. There were beautiful messages from people all over the world. Stories of incredible service from one human being to another. They were songs written inspiring faith and hope. The deliberate acts of kindness were abound! The tears just flowed from both of us.

A virus, smaller than bacteria, invisible to the naked eye, has brought us to witness, and hopefully, understand that there are no division between us expect the ones we create. It is teaching us that color, race, size, class, and education, have no bearing on the spiritual truth that we are all interconnected.

We are connected by our humanness, our being. Our triumphs are everyone’s triumphs, and so are our failures. The only separation that truly exists between us is our judgements, our attitudes and our egos.

So next time you find yourself quick to pass judgement, perhaps you will pause, look beyond the exterior demeanor, and see the human being with compassion. Consistently practiced, you will discover, that all human beings are the same human being as you.

One world…one human race…together at home!

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