The Essence of Giving

The Essence of Giving

Giving is not an unusual topic this time of year. Every single advertisement is about giving, as we all work on our gift lists, scurrying around to find the right gifts. However, the real  giving has little to do with buying  gifts.  As I delve deeper into the spiritual aspect of my life, I realize that giving is a profound state of being.

We are in a constant state of giving. We give to our family, our friends, our work, our neighbors, our community and our country. The most important thing we give comes from our Self.  We give our love, our attention, our compassion, our kindness, our time, our listening, our understanding, our help, our commitment and our labor. We give without being asked or feeling obliged. There is no special holiday that deserves these gifts, there is no hubbub or big celebrations.   

It’s the time you took to create the meal for your family,  the time you took to listen to someone who was needed to be heard. It is the time you pitched in to help clean up the local pond or work at the food pantry. It is the time you drove your friend to her doctor’s appointment or the time you gave someone a big hug. It is the time you called your friend just to see how they were doing, and the time you cared for your sick spouse. This is the essence of giving.

Giving are all of those actions that comes from your heart, even the seemingly insignificant ones. The main principle in true giving is that you expect nothing in return. NOTHING.  It is not “well I did this for her so…..” or “I let him use my stuff so…” or “how can she after I did…”  True giving expects nothing in return…ever.  It is not a tit for tat, there is no running tab or score keeping.  True giving is altruistic. True giving is selfless, whether you get credit or you are thanked, or get anything in return. True giving is a spiritual path. It is the path of knowing you are serving a greater purpose.  You are serving life itself.     

This holiday season give from the heart, put love into all of the things you do, without expectations.  Do it because it helps preserve the sanctity of life. It helps make the world a better place and it costs nothing. 

Namaste, <3 Grace*  

2 thoughts on “The Essence of Giving

  1. Greg Martin says:

    The first workshop I attended was about Mindfulness and you used the example of walking your dog and being present with simply, walking your dog. My morning time of walking “Frankie” has always been my time with my higher power and you suggested I might add mindfulness to my walk. Well, I have and that time has become even more important in my sometimes busy life. Thank you for that very “thoughtful” gift and Thank you for the wonderful gift of you.
    Keep peace and love in your heart my friend

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