Gratitude Challenge-Final Day

Thank you for taking the time to take this challenge.

If there was even one thought, one change, one shift  perspective, then the challenge was successful.

With Love & Gratitude, Grace*

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge-Final Day

  1. Tammy says:

    This is a new practice I have put into place recently. Giving thanks at the end of the day and waking up being grateful for something. I”m not sure it helps me to put the day to rest, as my mind seems to always be going, but I do feel that it helps me see the positives in my day, which in turn puts a smile on my face before I fall asleep.

  2. Greg Martin says:

    It helps putting ME to rest. I sometimes forget so I will put extra effort and thought into my heart and brain then or when I lay my head down to rest the next time. It’s a journey and I need to be gentle with myself and practice “progress, not perfection.”

  3. maureen kelly says:

    Giving thanks for every day is good practice and giving extra thanks for the things that made me happy during the day reinforces the good times.

    Thank you Grace for being such a great yoga teacher to all of us.

  4. Does giving thanks at the end of the day for moments that touched my heart help put the day to rest?

    I believe cultivating an attitude of gratitude and manifesting miracles involves thanking in advance at the start of the day! Also, one of my favorite practices that I picked back up after years at my first Yoga teacher training that I do with my fiancé every evening is saying grace before our last meal of the day in the evening. Thankfulness is the key to happiness! I am happy to share that moment with him every day and I am looking forward to creating that habit for our children one day.

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