7 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 10

  1. Greg Martin says:

    The present political situation. As I have a right to my opinion and the right to express it or not, so does everyone other person. I am working very hard at giving people the dignity for me to listen and not have a closed mind.
    “Progress not perfection”……. “One day at a time”…….sometimes one minute at a time.

    • What situation is beckoning me to change my attitude?

      Personally, my own immediate family – including my mother, father, and sister… Alcoholism and a bad student loan creating separation has been weighing on me for years, now.

      Professionally, challenging work relationships with difficult circumstances and/or people. Not everyone is trying to live a mindful Yogi lifestyle and even though I am, I am still human and I make mistakes, too!

      Politically, societally, environmentally…

      Trying to turn the “negatives” into “positives” and finding the blessings is disguise and silver linings!

  2. maureen kelly says:

    The situation of letting a man into my life is beckoning me to change. I have to let go some of the control of my life and be vulnerable. I have to accept that I am a lovable person and that I can return that love. I have to trust in the future.

    • gracejunek says:

      That is such a profound realization. my favortie mantra and one I use often by Lousie Hayes is “I trust in the process of life.” Try it especailly when uncertainty wants to set in.

  3. Tammy says:

    My teenager…… Some days I feel like I am rushing the day away and I don’t make enough time to enjoy him and truly listen to him. He is in a tough stage of life, and I need to make sure I make him my priority. Again, slowing down and enjoying the moment with him!

  4. Denise says:

    Having a foreign exchange student is reminding me how important it is to be home for my family and to go on adventures with them. Her time here is short and there is so much we can do instead of hide away in our rooms, work later than needed and put other “priorities” before the love of my family. Her time is not the only one that is short, before I blink my eyes, my own children will be moving on with their lives and this time with them will be gone.

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