6 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 9

  1. Greg says:

    When I can recover from a uncomfortable situation with ease, when I spy a penny on the ground and flip it over to the God side for the next to find, when a friend calls and says “I was just thinking of you”. when the deli lady offers me a piece of cheese, the first snow flake and the first star, a smile from a stranger, a new pair of underwear , a new jar of peanut butter…..I could go on and on. I learned long ago to appreciate the little things and I am grateful I have not faltered.

  2. maureen kelly says:

    First of all my little people, my grandkids. Good conversations with my friends or one of my sons matter to me. Watching the moon rise or the stars come out readjusts my perspective on life and a walk always leaves me feeling better.

  3. Tammy Kelley says:

    Ahhhhh, it’s the little things. HOnestly, we sometimes forget about the little things until they are gone. I love hearing my children laugh, or letting them crawl in bed with me to tell me about their day or talk about their worries. It’s those little things, we are going to miss one day. I am learning to live more in the moment!!

  4. What little things and little moments matter to me?

    My dad had a common saying growing up, “It is the little things that matter most.” Quality time, affection, and attention… The things that cost energy and time instead of monetary value. Or is it if a present, that it is thoughtfully chosen! A lot of the moments are ones spent in the comfort of my own home or somewhere new on some sort of grand adventure!

  5. Denise says:

    I appreciate the little things the most. Time spent with family and friends, the smile and hugs my students share with me, my husband bringing me ice cream in bed, hearing my girls laugh, the list goes on. There are so many precious moments that mean so much to me and rejuvenate my soul.

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