6 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 8

  1. maureen kelly says:

    To become more awake I can slow down. I can take time to breathe deeply every day and get outside in nature for a walk. I can try to listen more closely to my friends to understand them better.
    I can become more awake in my body by listening and observing it more. It is constantly trying to communicate its condition to me. I can also savor the sensory aspects of yoga, food, sex and the outdoors more. My upbringing discouraged pleasures of the body and I am trying to change that.

  2. Greg Martin says:

    Listen. Listen to your body , pay attention to those gut feelings. Keep an open mind to our ever changing world and listen to people. Really really listen with and open heart and an open mind. Meditate. Try to hear and feel what a power greater than us is saying.

  3. Jim says:

    I put down my phone, and I try to take a tip from Thoreau, ” Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, ….”

  4. Tammy Kelley says:

    I think I can become more awake by listening to my body and taking time to slow down. I often get so caught up in the moment or thinking about what needs to be done, etc. that I loose sight of what is important at that time.

  5. How can I become more awake in mind, body, and spirit?

    For me, this is cultivating my own personal practice and having a beginner’s mind of being willing to be a student and learning. Breath work, Ayurvedic practices, Yoga postures, Yogi lifestyle and most importantly, meditation… Attending classes, events, trainings and workshops that call to me to help me on my path and create a sense of community! Additionally, nature, music, reading, writing, singing, dancing, and stillness are all important for my own holistic health and wellbeing.

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