Inspirational People…Meet Gary!

Inspiring People…

I’m excited to add this category to my blog. I believe we are constantly inspiring each other, even if never hear about it.  What inspires me most is the “extra” ordinary.  Every day people who in some way or another through their actions, or how they live their lives are inspirational, yet ordinary. I guess I like to look for the “extra” in the ordinary.  It’s everywhere actually. And while you’re being inspired, you may very well be inspiring someone else.  So don’t be surprised if I approach you and ask to highlight you in my blog.  Why not allow yourself to be inspirational!

Meet Gary!

Gary started practicing yoga at the age of 60.  He started right around the same time I started teaching yoga. Gary will tell you he could hardly touch his toes. As an avid gym goer, he’s routine consisted mainly of strength training activities like boot camps etc.

What I admire about Gary is his courage to try something new, his dedication to whatever he’s doing and his ability to stay focused.  Like many people, he works full time and has family responsibilities, yet he is at the gym five days a week.
He’s the only male in our Zumba class and it doesn’t seem to bother him, even when the guys tease him. Obviously he doesn’t allow others perceptions to define him, which also takes courage.
Six years later Gary does yoga five days a week in conjunction with his cardio and strength training classes.  He’s doing poses like wheel, crow, and headstand, that’s inspiring!
The Quick Chat with Gary:
What’s the best thing about yoga?
“It helps me relax and makes me strong”.
What pose did you think you would never be able to do?
“Headstand or Crow”
What’s your favorite sequence?
What’s your favorite pose?
Last words Gary!
“A lot of the guys I work with who are my age, even younger, frequently ask me …how do you do it?  How do you stay so fit? If my wife is around, I have to say it’s my wife’s cooking…lol, if not, I honestly tell them, its yoga.
Double headstand with Gary!

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