The New Fitness Model

If you’ve been in fitness for a long time, you will know that trends come and go.  The fitness industry has been working to find the right combination of exercise for some time. Ultimately is starts with your personal fitness goals.  Are you exercising to lose weight?  Be strong? Compete? Stay active?  Stress relief?  There are many reasons people exercise, and being clear about what your goals are is very important.  My fitness goal is to keep my body healthy and strong, so I can live my life to the fullest. I also use exercise to help release stress and create endorphins, the body’s natural Prozac.
Decades ago the major focus was aerobic exercise, remember Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons. Gradually the focus shifted to strength training, and later it shifted to cross-training, a combination of aerobics and strength training.  The most recent trend is to add yoga to your fitness regime.  Many group fitness classes are adding “stretching’ at the end of the class, however it is not enough, at a minimum one yoga class a week should be part of your schedule. In yoga the work revolves around the six anatomical planes, each class creates umpteen combinations of the six directions, thus creating true flexibility and strength in your body.  You are not truly fit if your body is not flexible.
                       Body’s Anatomical Planes
I love the new fitness model.  It allows for a lot of variety!  Cardio comes in so many different forms; running, walking, dancing, cycling.  For strength training you can work on a myriad of fitness equipment, you can take group fitness classes or you can use free weights and kettlebells.  Yoga also has a wide variety of options, from gentle yoga to hot power yoga where the workout is more intense.   The fitness model is inspiring, because the combinations are endless, you don’t have to do the same thing all the time.  People seem to want to stick to only the things they enjoy or know.  However adding different and new exercises to your workouts, helps keep the body strong, the mind focused and the spirit inspired.


“I don’t workout to be skinny! I workout to be healthy and happy”.

Beto Perez, Zumba Founder

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