Studioworks Yoga and Pilates

Address7 Herring Pond Road., Plymouth MA 02360  (Note: Powerhouse Gym & StudioWorks are located in the same building.)    Phone(508) 952-6237

Directions: Take exit 2 off of route 3.  Follow sign to 3A Centerville.  Make a left unto 3A (State Rd.), another immediate left, and another immediate left past auto shop garage

Sundays 8:00am Athletic Yoga:  Each Sunday, the focus of the work is directed to different areas of the body:  i.e. IT Band, or to a specific area of yoga, i.e. twists.  It enable us to work deeper and longer while targeting specific areas or helps us fully explore different themes.  We focus on proper form, alignment and breathing, allowing you to work to the best of your body’s ability.   This is a great class for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, runners, golfers etc. Beginners & Intermediate

Schedule for December 2019:

Dec. 01:  Sub Alert! 
Dec. 08:  Sub Alert!  
Dec. 15:  Moon Flow 
Dec. 22:  Hips & Legs
Dec. 29:  Sun Salutation Flow

Mondays 7:00pm HOT Reggae Yoga:  J’ae Mon! A strong flow with many strengthening poses and repetitive patterns of movement performed to the hypnotic beats of Reggae/Dub, in a 90 degree heated studio.  Intermediate and advanced poses such as headstands and crow are part of this flow.  Modifications are suggested for beginners who want to improve their practice. This class is a “Yoga Workout”- be prepared to breathe, strengthen, balance and S W E A T!  Intermediate & advanced

Wednesdays 7:00pm (15 minute) Breathing Meditation:  After reviewing the proper sitting pose for meditation, we focus on different breathing techniques.  Our goal is to learn to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system by utilizing the breath.  As we focus on the breath, we are able to practice being present and create awareness.  This segment is great for everybody, especially those suffering from an over-stressed lifestyle. All levels welcome!

Wednesdays 7:15pm Gentle Yoga:   This class explores beginner poses and basic flow patterns at a slower, therapeutic pace.  It includes a stretch sequences using a yoga strap and bolsters to explore gentler restorative poses.  It is a great class for beginners and for those who want to bring more flexibility to their body.  In this class we learn to breathe deep and “relax in the work”.  All levels welcome!

Saturdays 9am Vinyasa Flow:   The literal translation of Vinyasa from Sanskrit is “connection”.  Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way the poses run together.  In this class we will focus on linking beginner and intermediate poses (asanas), through a flow sequences that creates a rhythm of breath and movement. Beginners & Intermediate

*Monthly Restorative Yoga on the last Sunday of every month 10:00am to 11:30am:  Surrender your “self” to a relaxing session of restoration and renewal through RESTORATIVE YOGA. The class starts with a breathing mediation and gentle movement. Then various props are used to support your body in the given pose. Poses are held any where from 3 to 5 minutes. It combines hands-on therapeutic adjustments, which helps deepen the stretch in different areas of the body. This form of yoga helps create space in your body and allows your body to release tightness through passive stretching.  Restorative Yoga is the gentlest form of yoga. You will leave the class feeling refreshed, and with a sense of overall well-being. All Levels  *Cost: $30.00 (*Included in Studioworks monthly membership).  For more info click here.