Mirbeau Inn and Spa

Address35 Landmark Dr, Plymouth, MA 02360  Phone(508) 209-2626

Tuesday 8:00am Athletic Yoga:  Each Tuesday, the focus of the work is directed to different areas of the body:  i.e. IT Band, or to a specific area of yoga i.e. twists. It enable us to work deeper and longer while targeting specific areas or helps us fully explore different themes.  We focus on proper form, alignment and breathing, allowing you to work to the best of your body’s ability.   This is a great class for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, runners, golfers etc.  Beginners & Intermediate

Schedule for July 2019:
July 07:  Hips-Piriformis 
July 14:  Sub Alert! 
July 21:  Moon Flow
July 28:  Core & Back

Tuesday 9:00am Gentle Yoga:   This class explores beginner poses and basic flow patterns at a slower, therapeutic pace.  It includes a stretch sequences using a yoga strap and bolsters to explore gentler restorative poses.  It is a great class for beginners and for those who want to bring more flexibility to their body.  In this class we learn to breathe deep and “relax in the work”.  All levels welcome.  

Thursday 9:00am Zumba: Cardio-based dance to a compilation of music from different countries and genres.  Only the best tunes make it on the G* playlist!   The pace is high energy with an emphasis on dance and aerobic moves to get the heart pumping.  This class is fast-paced, sweat-producing, and fun-loving in a non-judgmental environment.  Come experience the joy of dance, work at your level and have fun. “There are no mistakes, only unexpected solos!” All levels welcome.