The Most Important Factor in a New Year’s Resolution.

In all honesty the New Year Resolution is no different than all of those other resolutions we make throughout the year. It’s solely defined by the start of a new year, because of that people are more enthusiastic about making it work, new beginnings and all. Gyms and studios are fuller for the first three months of the New Year, with all of those resolutions coming into play. However by March it starts to dwindle down.

One of the reasons this happens, speaking from personal experience, is consistency.  That’s the hardest part of sticking to the changes we want to make in our lives. It always starts with a staunch determination, then life happens and next thing we know, we didn’t stick to the commitment we’ve made to ourselves. We begin to feel disappointed in ourselves and like a merry-go-round, we keep going round and round, over the same old ground.

Consistency isn’t really the sexiest or most exciting word in personal development. But it is, coupled with time, what will give you real results in your life.”

So this year, as I reflect on my own resolutions, I am going to write them down and develop a strategy for being consistent. I know this will be the hardest part especially with three kids, a husband, a house and a dog.  However, even if I develop small increments of time to devote to my goals, and I am consistent, long term it will yield better results. It will start becoming a habit in my lifestyle.

Therefore, this year, my number one resolution is to be consistent. It will be the foundation of all my goals. I will not create unrealistic expectations by trying to make too many changes all at once. I am going to pick a few key ones that resonant deep within me. These changes have nothing to do with anyone, except me and my personal growth as a human being.

There are many ideas on the web about developing strategies to be more consistent. I particularly liked this tip:  “use reminders in your environment”.  I’m going to use this one. I found it on this interesting blog called  How to Take Consistent Action: 7 Powerful Tips

Let’s get off the merry-go-round and do the work! Let’s implement ideas to help us be more consistent. Set yourself up to succeed with your resolutions this year. You are worth the effort.  And remember, even the smallest changes have big effects over time, especially with your self-esteem.

If you have any ideas that have help you be more consistent, please share it with us here. Your strategy could help someone else achieve their goals. The world is a much better place when individuals feel good about themselves. Happy New Year, make it a good one. <3, G*

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