Different Yoga Styles

There are many different yoga styles out there today. In addition, instructors love to create their own unique version. Choosing a yoga style can be confusing. Let’s try to clear it up a little. It starts with Patanjali’s eight-limbs of yoga, which encompasses both the physical practice of yoga and the spiritual. The western world has developed the physical practice of  yoga called Asana. The western approach focuses more on the physical benefits of yoga, especially classes associated with gyms.

Under Asana, they are different yoga styles. Some classes combine styles, while other styles are strict like Bikram Yoga. Even within a particular style like Vinyasa Yoga, you can have variations such as a Fit Flow or Slo Flow. Each yoga style has something unique to offer the practitioner, depending on the level of vigor, exercise and intensity. Choosing a style depends on different things, for example how hard you want to work, what rhythm you want to move with, or the level you want to practice at. There is no right or wrong, only what’s right for you and your body at the present moment.


Ten Examples of a Yoga Style:

There are other yoga styles that are not on this list, like Yin Yoga, Athletic Yoga and Aerial Yoga to name a few. As yoga has evolved, so has the styles. I like to encourage my students to try different yoga styles, as well as different instructors. Each instructor can teach the same yoga style differently. If you’re looking for a yoga style that incorporates more of the spiritual aspects, then you are better off going to a yoga studio. It can be more expensive, however it is a more well-rounded experience for mind, body and spirit.

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